The following bright minded individuals are contributors to and members of The International Food Loss and Food Waste Studies Group

Jordon Lazell

Jordon Lazell is currently a Research Assistant at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University, UK and is undertaking a PhD exploring food waste practices across the different spaces and places in urban lives. His previous research explored food waste prevention in universities and the utilisation of social media as a tool for behaviour change.

Christian Reynolds

Christian Reynolds

Christian Reynolds is a Public Health Research Fellow at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen, and an adjunct Research Fellow at the Barbara Hardy Institute for Sustainable Environments and Technologies, University of South Australia. Christian’s research examines the economic and environmental impacts of food consumption; with focus upon food waste, sustainable diets, and the political power of food in international relations.

Tammara Soma

DSC02657 - tammara pic cropped
Tammara Soma is a 2014 Trudeau Scholar and a Ph.D Candidate in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto. Her research investigates urban food consumption and food wasting practices in Indonesia. Her study also explores the transformation of modern food provisioning infrastructures and the interplay of class and privilege in the generation of food waste. She is one of the founding members of the Food Waste Studies Group.

Charlie Spring

gleaning pic

Charlie Spring is a PhD researcher at the University of Salford exploring the growth of surplus food redistribution. Her research starts from the contradictions of food availability in UK cities, where high levels of food waste coexist with hunger and food-related illness. She’s comparing the Real Junk Food Project with other organisations that redistribute surplus food to people, asking what it means to cook and eat together, and how such organisations might advocate to address systemic causes of hunger and waste.

Leo Sakaguchi


Leo Sakaguchi is completing his Masters degree at Darmstadt University of Technology and is a visiting student researcher currently doing research on food waste at University of California at Berkeley. He is director of sustainability at The Better Bowl, a startup using imperfect produce to provide healthy food on campuses. He is currently looking to publish 2 papers in reputed journals in the area around food waste.

Paul van der Werf


Paul van der Werf, M.Sc. is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at Western University. His research is focuses on developing improved methods to collect food waste generation and composition data and the development of food waste reduction interventions. He has 25 years of professional experience managing food wastes through the management of large scale composting facilities, training and consulting ( He is a long time Organic Matters  columnist for Solid Waste and Recycling magazine and has written more than 125 magazine articles. He recently started the blog as a home for thoughts and opinions on food waste and its reduction.

Siera Vercillo

Siera Picture.png

Siera Vercillo is a Doctoral Candidate in Geography at Western University. Her research is on the right to food, gender justice, agriculture systems development and human-environment interactions in sub-Saharan Africa. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the Institute of Development Studies in gender and development where she worked in research for agriculture development policy. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in political science where she worked in research for responsible investing policy development. She has worked extensively in Africa and is currently also an external consultant on a Government of Canada funded food security project. You can follow her on Twitter or visit her blog.

Guillermo Garcia-Garcia


Guillermo Garcia-Garcia is a research assistant and PhD student at Loughborough University. He earned a MEng in chemical engineering at the University of Granada (Spain) in 2011 and a BEng in industrial technical engineering at the University of Jaén (Spain) in 2012. His experience in the food sector includes positions in the production laboratory of a dairy Spanish company and in the R&D Department of an edible-casings producer in Germany. He joined Loughborough University in 2014 as a Research Assistant to investigate sustainable manufacturing of food products. He is also undertaking a PhD in maximising the value of food waste at Loughborough University.

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