The International Food Loss and Food Waste Studies Group

Contact: jordon.lazell@coventry.ac.uk

About Us

In the summer of 2014, several academics at different stages in their careers around the world began to collaborate together online discussing the phenomenon of food waste and food loss. The International Food Loss and Food Waste Studies Group (IFLFWSG) was proposed as a way of facilitating discussion and formally bringing together researchers to communicate and network in order to further knowledge in this area. Current membership spans a number of different disciplines featuring academics, food campaigners activists and waste management practitioners. The group discuss a range of topics online regularly through a dedicated ‘google group’  (see join the discussion page), has organised special sessions at conferences and special issues in well ranked journals. In 2020 the group led and helped facilitate the development of the first Routledge Handbook of Food Waste.


The goal of the group is to promote the multidisciplinary study of food waste and food loss through facilitating the dissemination and coordination of knowledge in this area of study. Our purpose to serve as a communication and networking platform that will aid in the development of holistic solutions for the prevention, reduction, and management of global food loss and food waste. The group enables members to exchange ideas and perspectives, engage in debate and discussion, and gives an insight into current methodology and epistemology in this field. The research interests of members span a wide range of societal issues and contexts globally, emphasising the international remit of this group.

Why you should join the discussion

  1. This group provides the opportunity to network with other food loss and food waste researchers and/or campaigners and activists globally.
  2. The group is composed of members with varied perspectives, and we strive to be inclusive of a variety of different approaches to understanding the phenomenon.
  3. Our members are critical scholars/activists who continue to challenge dominant assumptions on the topic and we are aware of the complexity of food loss and food waste studies.
  4. Our, members are encouraged to share their research, collaborate, network, and support other members in order to conduct effective and coordinated research.
  5. The International Food Loss and Food Waste Studies Group is a multidisciplinary platform that includes not only scholars, but also other actors working in the food waste and loss realm.
  6. The group’s site is a platform to disseminate your research/best practices/solutions to a wider audience and learn from other scholars and food waste activists.
  7. The group’s site is a platform for the exchange of ideas, and a source of information pertaining to academic and professional activities related to food (loss and waste) studies, e.g. conferences, publishing opportunities, jobs, workshops, funding, etc.

Original founders:

  • Jordon Lazell (University of Essex)
  • Tammara Soma (Simon Fraser University)

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